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Ikonart is the new revolutionary method of creating your own stencils quickly and easily. With Ikonart you can transfer your own designs to almost any surface and unleash your creativity.

Ikonart - the stencil revolution for DIY, hobby and professionals.

From simple motifs and designs to highly detailed graphics. With IkonArt there are no limits to your creativity. Your stencils, your colors, your style!

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In just four simple steps you can create individual, self-adhesive motif stencils with Ikonart: Print any motif, design, logo etc. in black and white on the IkonArt printer foil. Use the Ikonart LED UV exposure unit to expose the printed motif on the Ikonart film and then rinse it out with warm water. Now you have your custom stencil. Stick it on your desired object, apply paint - your style is ready! Plus the stencil can be reused several times!

IKONART - 4 steps to your design!


Print the desired design in black and white

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Expose the printout and Ikonart film with IkonArt UV-lamp

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Wash out and dry the film

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Stick on the template and apply the color of your choice

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IKONART Starter Kit - try it now!

Everything you need for Ikonart - in one box! The Ikonart StarterKit was specifically designed to create individual and reusable screen printing stencils in the shortest amount of time possible. The StarterKit contains all the components required to make IkonArt stencils yourself (note: no paints are included in the kit).

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IKONART - unlimited design options

Unlimited options!

Your style

Use Ikonart stencils for cool effects on your favorite items.

On countless surfaces!

Ikonart is flexible

Whether on wood, glass, metal, plastic or textile - Ikonart stencils can be used on many different materials.

Shapes & Fonts

Design your favorite motif

Drawings, shapes, fonts, slogans, logos, tribals, clipart - individual motifs to your taste.

An ideal gift

Standard was yesterday

Customize gifts and packaging for special moments.
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